Computer vision technology for the oil and gas industry

Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses machine learning to quickly process and analyze data from photos or videos.

Ensuring industrial safety is an important task in any production. Modern technologies make it possible to provide this without human presence at the site, improving the quality of safety and introducing changes in approaches to the execution of familiar processes.

The “Etton Field”, developed by the Etton group of companies with the support of the RFRIT grant, implements this function. Using video materials, the neural network identifies situations such as fire, smoke, control of dangerous areas, lack of protective equipment on the employee, etc.

Identified abnormal situations are automatically displayed in the “Incidents” section, and thanks to the built-in robotization mechanisms, the responsible employee is instantly notified of these situations. It is possible to integrate the activation of emergency systems.

Press service of the Etton group of companies