Our Solutions

Etton. Field

Controls production of hydrocarbon raw materials, increases efficiency of the fields operation, provides analysis of the large amounts of data.

The software is developed involving the means of the Russian Information Technology Development Fund (RFRIT) grant.

  • Input and storage of operation and production parameters for monitoring wells, the wells for producing oil, gas, and gas condensate, injection wells, special wells, and exploratory and prospecting ones

  • Automation of calculations for production and for agents injection

  • Visualisation of analytical data, construction of isobar maps

  • Planning the technological mode

  • Accounting and storage of reports on the wells drilling and workover, and geological and technical activities

  • Evaluation of the efficiency for the wells workover, and geological and technical activities

  • Provide real-time telemetry data analytics

  • Let managers focus on project delivery and quality

  • Help management make more informed decisions

  • Meet customers’ expectations and needs

  • The PIPESIM simulator;

  • BP Software