Intelligent system developed by Etton to be Engaged in oil and gas production

The project of the Etton Group of Companies on creating an intelligent system for the field and assets data control has received a grant of the Russian Information Technology Development Fund (RFRIT).

The system being created will process all the information coming from wells starting with the characteristics of the wells and ending with the parameters of production. Based on the data obtained and their analysis the digital system will suggest an optimal operation mode of the well. The era of “light” raw materials is ending, so in the industry the instant complex mathematical and physical calculations are in demand.

The intelligent system is able to identify patterns between data, make a forecast for all parameters when planning various methods of impact on a well or a layer. It takes the system minimal time to process the maximum amount of data, this allows for making quick and weighted decisions, for example, if it is necessary to increase production of raw materials.

Use of the intelligent system also contributes to implementation of qualitative data science in the mining industry - it is not only collection, storage, and processing of the data, but also their analysis, extraction of useful patterns, and application in calculations.

The developers of the system implement the mechanisms of operation with the data, such as development of unique machine learning algorithms, use of declarative language for description of actions in data processing, creation of data control scenarios, creation of models for increasing the speed of calculations.

The intelligent system under development can be applied in the oil and gas industry. Development of the project will be completed within one year. One of the largest oil and gas companies of Russia has an interest in the finished product.

“The economic efficiency of oil and gas companies is currently determined by use of new technologies, primarily, by methods of enhanced oil recovery. Digitalization of the processes allows for a significant synergetic effect and results in an increase in the economic efficiency of the company's activities,” Efim Klimov said, CEO of Etton.

Press Service of Etton Group of Companies